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M i s s i o n

Hi and welcome to my website,


What role does music have in your life? Is it merely entertainment, an aesthetic experience, a way to fill time with substance, a hobby, a profession, a way of relating with others or with your own self?

For me, music is a mission. A goal. A journey of to spread the possibility of beauty, to send the message of simple enjoyment and of course to receive it as well.

To that end, I would very much like to play for you. Face to face, so you can receive my message clearly and to its fullness. Without any mediators. Live and up close. Guitar music is at its best when experienced at 2 meters away.


I can come to your living room, church, backyard or community center (or concert hall). If we do it right,  you will be humming those melodies all week after.

You are welcome to have a peek at what you are in for under             but remember: Music loses 90% of its substance when recorded and converted into a file that can be streamed via the internet. The actual thing is therefore ten times as wonderful!

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